The aggregator* of the content that we use purchases the streaming content directly from the content owners through arrangements known in the industry as "carriage deals". The rates the aggregator pays for the right to stream this content are determined by a fee scale based on how many customers will be viewing the content. Because the aggregator is licensed to stream the content through these carriage deals with the various content owners, and because we do not stream recorded content, this is 100% legal.  It is also why the license fee is required.

license fee, red rubber stamp with grunge edges
There is a ONE-TIME, lifetime license fee in order to have access to this software and various channels. 

$150.00 (USD)

(includes the first month of streaming TV)  
To pay this license fee and begin your subscription,
click HERE.

The aggregator* is a company that negotiates with the producers of the streamed content on behalf of groups of consumers, in this case, us.